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What a Night

The sparkling game for couples and swingers

What A Night Logo - Game for Couples and Swingers
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Spice Up Your Love Life

Experience hot moments as a couple or in a group. Get to know the secret wishes, fantasies and physical charms of your fellow players in a playful and tingling atmosphere. Lots of humour, fun and erotic is waiting for you.

Three game levels allow you to increase your lust for each other step by step. Each level offers sizzling tasks and frivolous questions. Exclusive partner cards for the game for two and crazy, cheeky and humorous party cards for the multi-player game make the evening an unforgettable experience.

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Game Modes



In couple mode you get to know your partner anew. Discover new fantasies, reveal unexpressed desires and get closer than ever before. Special couple cards will take your relationship to a new level.



The multiplayer mode is suitable for groups of 3-8 players.  Party cards will get your game night going and make you laugh and sweat.



Short on time? No problem! For a quick game in between, you can choose from 3 quickie mini-games.

Game Features

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What A Night - Aktionskarten

Let's get naughty

3 levels of play to gradually increase the intensity of the game (100 question cards, 60 fantasy cards, 270 action cards).


Expansion Sets


"What A Night" was designed to give you many evenings of fun without ever getting bored.

You are a fun junkie and need it even more tingling, dirty and humorous? Then we have just the thing for you. Our expansion sets will get everything out of you and your teammates.

What a Night Erweiterungsset - Stellungsduell

Duel of Positions

40 playing cards with curious and tingling sex positions for even more play fun


Sex Knowledge

110 quiz cards with amusing facts and figures from the world of sex

What a Night Erweiterungsset - Unnützes Sexwissen
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Release Info

At the moment, we are still putting the game through its paces for you (or something like that ;-) At the same time, we are looking for a publisher who would like to distribute the game (if you have any contacts, please contact us). 

You would like to be informed as soon as the game is available? We would love to. Sign up for the list below and we'll keep you posted.

Thank you very much! We will inform you as soon as the game is available.

Online Ressourcen

We want you to enjoy the game for a long time. Therefore, with the purchase of the game you also receive unlimited access to the "What a Night" online area. This allows you to:

  • Free download of map templates for individual expansion of the game

  • free download of updated content (Code of Honour, "Truth or Dare" collection of ideas, manual, ...) 

Release Info
What a Night - Das erotische Brettspiel für Paare und Swinger


What A Night App
WaN Background

We want you!

Our vision. The best couple and swinger app on the market. We have a concept, a mockup, a user interface, a bag full of ideas and a bulging database with naughty questions, dirty tasks and tingling fantasies!


Now we are looking for YOU! An experienced app developer with entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and positivity, who shares our vision and has the iron will to implement it technically. In return, we offer you an equal business partnership, the opportunity to grow with us and literally launch the "hottest" game for adults.


Interested? Then get in touch with us. We look forward to an enriching exchange with you.

What A Night App - Action Card
What A Night App - Wheel of Kink
What A Night App - Welcome Screen

Intended App Features:

+ Couples mode (2 players)

+ Party mode (3 - 20 players)

+ 8 in-game game modes

+ In-App Addons

+ Multilingual Support (EN/DE/FR)

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